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HALO Swaddle 100% Cotton | Clouds (NB)

HALO 包被睡袋/ 純綿, 灰雲朵 , 0-3月






Product Specific 特點

  • The only 3–way adjustable swaddle

  • #1 choice of hospitals nationwide

  • Adjustable fasteners for perfect fit

  • Immobilizes arms to prevent startle reflex or scratching

  • Allows for easy diaper changes

  • Premium fabric; no added chemicals

  • Use over regular sleepwear

- 唯一可提供3種調節包法的包被

- 北美醫院所選擇第一的包被品牌

- 有效預防嬰兒向下滑及被子覆蓋呼吸而引至窒息的危機

- 從初生開始使用,嬰兒手臂可以根據需要包裹雙臂 (預防嬰兒的惊跳反射或抓撓 )或是包肚(舒緩肚痛之肚箍 (帶))


- 優質面料;沒有添加化學物質

- 寬大的魔術貼包被適合不同體積的婴兒及可調較按撫緊度

- 經過美國和加拿大之SIDS(嬰兒猝死综合症)研究認証 - 有效降低再呼吸(吸入之前呼出的二氧化碳) 風險

The only 3-way swaddle that adjusts to fit baby's sleep style. Swaddle with arms in, hands-to-face, or with one or both arms out to ensure baby's best sleep. With adjustable fasteners for a perfect fit, it nestles baby like a soft blanket without the risk of sleep-related dangers - so baby can sleep both comfortably and safely. Signature "Back is Best" embroidery is a gentle reminder to place baby in the recommended sleep position. Features an inverted zipper for easy diaper changes and a roomy sack design that's recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as promoting healthy hip development.

HALO Sleepsack 是北美 1500 間醫院和家庭選用的 No. 1嬰兒睡袋品牌. 其獨特的二合一包被/睡袋可預防嬰兒窒息症. 可調較的包被讓嬰兒在缺乏安全感下包裹雙臂, 預防嬰兒的惊跳反射 (startle reflex) 從而提供安全感. ; 又或在嬰兒肚腹絞痛時作舒緩肚痛之肚箍 (帶). HALO的包被/睡袋令嬰兒在活動時或向下移動時均不用擔心因踢鬆被子而蓋過鼻子, 或因包被鬆脱而哭鬧, 着涼. 提供一個安全舒適的睡眠環境. 一眾家長也說自從小孩穿上 HALO Sleepsack 睡袋後, 父母及嬰兒均擁有安全及優質的睡眠. 亦是唯一一家經過北美SIDS(嬰兒猝死综合症)研究認証的產品. 另外因嬰兒在出世後頭數週至數月都是包裹着, 無論在白天外出或晚上睡眠均適合.